Please feel free to contact Jennifer for further details, including concert and touring availability, recital and chamber music programming, written word for future concerts and recording projects.

Tel +44 (0)772 968 9469

Download press photos here (right-click or control + click to save as and download):
Photo 1: Jennifer Morsches (credit James Johnstone)
Photo 2: Jennifer Morsches (credit James Johnstone)

Photo credits by page: Banner drawing (Julie Carpenter); Home (James Johnstone); Biography (James Johnstone); Concerts, Calendar (James Johnstone); Repertoire (Jennifer Morsches); Piccolo Cello (Taro Takeuchi); Discography (James Johnstone); Audio (Matthew Rose); Writing (Marina Vidor); Contact (Elizabeth Schwimmer); Links (James Johnstone)

“…d’une interprétation magistrale et inspirée.”
Opus Haute Définition, Sept. 2010

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