Programme and CD Liner Notes

Historical research goes hand in hand with work on period instruments, and in any case reveals wonderful connections and synchronicities about composers, their works, their contemporaries and the cities in which they flourished. It has also given me a platform from which to express myself through writing. Examples of various programmes or CD liner notes are:

• Three instalments for the Wigmore Hall Haydn Series commemorating the bicentenary of his death in 2009: 1) Haydn’s basic background and two visits to London [read], 2) Haydn and the late18th-century London Concert Scene [read] and 3) Haydn and the String Quartet [read]

• Telemann CD liner notes, concentrating on his “Paris” Quartets (CCS SA21005) [read] (info discs…)

• Mozart and his Contemporaries [read]

• Short essay on the Bach Cello Suites [read]

• Pergolesi CD liner notes for his Sinfonia in F major for cello and continuo (CCS SA29810) [read]

• Reflections on the Rational Man: Music from the Library of Thomas Jefferson [read]

All programme and CD liner notes featured here are copyright of Jennifer Morsches; any licensing to reprint or reproduce them, please contact Jennifer.

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